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WFW?: Community Norms

Until I put more thought into it, we'll be following the very thoughtful Rules and Norms of the Effective Altruism forum - a huge thank you to Lizka and the EA Forum team for their hard work building this. I highly recommend that you read that post in full. While this isn't a forum yet, the comments section can act in such a way. Our community norms, along with our broader principles of WFW?, help set the culture of the community we are building. Please share your thoughts in the feedback form below if you'd like to contribute. Here are some essentials I feel the need to pull out of the EA Forum post.


Be kind

  • Stay civil, at the minimum. Don’t sneer or be snarky. In general, assume good faith. We may delete unnecessary rudeness and issue warnings or bans for it.
  • Substantive disagreements are fine and expected. Disagreements help us find the truth and are part of healthy communication.

Be honest

  • Don’t mislead or manipulate.
  • Communicate your uncertainty and the true reasons behind your beliefs as much as you can.
  • Be willing to change your mind.

Stay on topic

  • No spam. This forum is for discussions about improving the world, not the promotion of services.

No impersonation

  • We highly recommend using your real name. Accounts discovered to be impersonating other people will be deleted.

Act as you would in the future

  • We're envisioning an ideal future, free of the troubles and stresses of life today for most people. How would you imagine acting then? Why not act that way today?

Please share your thoughts if you have any feedback on our community rules or norms.