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WFW?: Style guide


  • Initially reflecting a blank canvas for others to apply their ideas/imagery. We want nothing about the
  • Over time, maybe we develop the imagery as we develop the vision


  • Conversational and accessible, while concise
  • Imagine your favorite professor - Sharp, Funny, Trustworthy, To-The-Point


  • What Future World? is always written capitalized and with the question mark, even in the middle of a sentence. For example, "the website What Future World? will launch on 31/10/2022. David Corfield is the founder of What Future World? and is generally considered a good guy."
  • It can be abbreviated to the form WFW?, again always with the question mark
  • This is largely to distinguish from the Wait But Why? blog which doesn't enforce use of the question mark
  • We use 'we' by default to reflect community governance and sentiment. Authors should use 'I' with intention, and with explicit seperation from the views of the community unless obviously implied


Primary #ffffff White
Secondary #000000 Black
Accent #004aad Cobalt Blue


Logo - Roboto
Ghost - Modern Sans Serif

Please share your thoughts if you have any feedback on our style guide.