What Future World? is a blog and community project to develop a detailed view of an ideal future world and the strategy for achieving it. Our mission is simple: to create a better future. It is both more focused than a traditional blog and more engaging than a wiki. Initially there will be two posts per week - an original essay and an article reflecting on a piece of relevant media. In January '23 we will launch our podcast interview series - "The Ideal Future of...". In time, we will open up greater community participation beyond the feedback form and comments section.

If you are new here, first read more on What is 'What Future World?'?, then see our Theory of Impact for the deeper 'why' of the project, and finally our Principles for what we stand for as a community and how we agree to conduct ourselves. Then dive into our content from there.

WFW? was launched on November 1st, 2022 by me, David Corfield, after learning that while there were a few folks researching how to ensure AI doesn't lead to human extinction or dystopia, there was nobody thinking about what positive future we want AI to enable. You can read about my personal fit for starting the WFW? project, and more on my background at my personal site.

Why subscribe?

The primary reason is to join the community. At first, the only way to contribute your thoughts to this community will be through comments and feedback forms, both of which require you to be signed in to your account. Beyond that, it's the convenience of having all new content delivered to your inbox.

Please share your thoughts if you have any feedback on our about page.