Strategy for Creating our Vision of the Future

As we develop our ideal vision of the future, we will stay pragmatic and question what it will take to make it a reality. Here, we build our strategy; our playbook for creating this future vision. Each WFW? post tagged 'Strategy' will contribute to this ever-growing playbook in some way. Any time we can't make a clear recommendation due to missing knowledge, we will add the question to our research agenda.

This page will capture all of our proposed strategies grouped by the relevant actor: government, private organisations, or individuals. The bar to be part of the strategy is set high - most good ideas will sit on the research agenda until they reach a high level of validation.


Develop draft 'ethical algorithm' for self-driving cars to test with public
Increase international cooperation with values-aligned nations
Invest in avoiding existential risks

Private Organisations

Shift attitudes towards greater equality with a Veil of Ignorance Experience
Prove the efficacy of the Veil of Ignorance Experience with longitudinal testing


Live virtuously as a path to fulfilment
Reflect on your 'fair' level of income/wealth inequality, now and in an ideal future, and commit to acting accordingly
Meditate, engage with cognitive therapy, and take Prozac (if you are diagnosed with a relevant chemical imbalance)

We update our strategy every month. In the meantime, please share your thoughts if you have any feedback on our strategy recommendations.